Believe TV broadcast a selection of programs, varying from Christian orientated shows to music, art and entertainment. In delivering our services, we strive to observe the laws and regulations of television broadcasting as set out by OFCOM (television and radio regulatory body in the United Kingdom) and other bodies in the geographical areas that we reach. We encourage our clients to acquaint themselves with these laws in order to protect themselves from vexatious claims. The quality of our programs is a result of carefully vetted video footages professionally done by our media team. Our pre-recorded airtime includes:


Kingdom hour is an hour programme that enable growing ministries that cannot afford the luxury of 30mins programme on TV to yet be able to air their programmes/message on TV. It is a 1hr of 10mins per preacher programme design to support ministries in their infant stages of growth to spread the gospel of Christ to every part of the world.


At Believe, we BELIEVE in little beginnings, that is why money should not be a hindrance to the Gospel. Your 15mins programme can change as many lives as an hour crusade will. So whatever your budget is, Believe TV makes it flexible for you to air your message to every part of the world.