Randy and Cherie have always been firm believers that God's grace is what gives His people the power to do extraordinary things. Through their faith in God's Word, and desire to fulfill His will for their lives, He has used them to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands in the United States and millions across the globe.
Randy and Cherie both have tremendous testimonies of miraculous healing in their bodies upon coming to Christ. 

Randy found himself facing a terminal illness at the young age of 25. With no hope of a liver transplant, he was ready to accept what seemed to be his fate - and bitter, painful death. His body had jaundice, and his liver had hardened and began sticking out his side under his ribcage. There was no position he could sit or lay in that was comfortable. It was then that he remembered through being witnessed to that there was One Person who could change it all for him - Jesus. In one short desperate word, Randy cried to Jesus, simply uttering the word, “Help!” Instantly, his body was healed of the disease that he was dealing with. His liver softened and returned to a normal position in his body, and all the coloring of jaundice had disappeared. He now had a natural complexion by the healing power of God at his salvation. Randy then moved to St. Augustine, Florida to attend Flagler College where he would meet his wife, Cherie.