FDM was started by pastor Glen Ferguson in 1996 and is a thriving multinational, multicultural Church based in Milton Keynes UK

The ministry focuses on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and believes in the power of the Holy Spirt to change and heal broken lives, here at FDM we operate a thriving feeding programme for our community, we also supply food and clothing to the refuges in and around Milton Keynes, we also supply other Churches with food to assist in their feeding programme.

In 2000 we purchased probably the most renown building in the city, a former night club and converted it into our Church facility, this building has three floors, ground floor is our sanctuary, 1st floor is our restaurant and youth centre, on the 2nd floor we have our offices and a fully functional industrial kitchen.

 In November 2012 we paid off the mortgage on the building,  we are now debt free.