Believe TV (BTV) reaches across the UK, Europe, Africa, America Middle East and Israel with the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Believe TV (BTV) currently reaches over 5,000,000 homes through it’s strategic Direct To Home (DTH) satellite platform.
The combination of grassroots efforts and directive consumer marketing has helped create the viewer awareness as Believe TV reaches out to many in strategic regions.

Believe TV incorporates various forms of print advertising and promotion, coupled with incremental media through aggressive public relations efforts to maximize viewer awareness. Believe TV incorporates the best in ministry programming from the US as well as Europe.

Believe TV carries the broadest spectrum in original programming through its vast library and originally produced programs. Believe TV is continually in the market meeting and working with programmers, ministries, agencies and other Christian organisations, including charity organisations to ensure the highest possible level of viewer response.

BTV has met with Christian and business leaders to further broaden the network’s visibility within the marketplace.
BTV programming is distributed via the primary DTH satellite in the Pan-European Region with the capability of reaching the majority of this large, diverse and segmented television market.